Retales: E-Commerce Growth Stories

From Traditional Retail to Digital Powerhouse: ROKA London's Journey to E-commerce Success and AI Integration

July 13, 2023 Brightpearl Podcasts Season 3 Episode 2
Retales: E-Commerce Growth Stories
From Traditional Retail to Digital Powerhouse: ROKA London's Journey to E-commerce Success and AI Integration
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Ever wondered how to successfully transform a traditional retail brand into a digital powerhouse?

Join us as we chat with Peter Gough, Chief Operating Officer at ROKA London,  who shares the incredible journey of turning their outdoor lifestyle and accessories brand into a thriving digital and direct-to-consumer business. Discover how they experienced massive growth thanks to their digital marketing approach, and the impact of increased online sales on their margins and brand.

In this conversation, Peter reveals how ROKA London harnessed the power of digital technology to further grow their business. Learn about their strategies for increasing engagement on social channels, utilizing email marketing to reach new audiences, and the success of their student discount program. Peter also discusses the implementation of a cloud-based SaaS platform, which allowed their employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, ultimately driving business growth.

Lastly, don't miss Peter's insights on the shift to AI, and the amazing opportunities it presents for businesses. Hear about the importance of embracing change, investing in the right technology for scalability, and integrating different channels for growth – such as expanding to new audiences and territories. If you're looking to leverage AI technology and scale your digital ecosystem, this episode is a goldmine of information you won't want to miss!

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